5 Job Portals for Seniors searching for a Second Career

Are you a senior looking to get back into the workplace? While working beyond the retirement age is associated with better mental health, and fewer major diseases and functional limitations, often the greatest obstacle if the job search. Job searching can be especially difficult for older workers because of the ageism that commonly occurs in the hiring process. Furthermore, retirees often look for jobs that are more flexible and relaxed compared to their careers before retirement.

Here are 5 Job portals for seniors searching for a second career:

Silverjobs is a job platform specifically for seniors. It is managed by the non-profit organisation Centre For Seniors (CFS) that is committed to promoting the total well-being of older persons in Singapore, specifically their vocational, financial and psycho-social health. You can search for potential jobs via a variety of filters including keywords, category, employment type (full-time, part-time, contract etc.) and location. Jobs offered on this portal are typically flexible/part-time as it is targeted towards retirees.

MyCareersFuture is a job portal by Workforce Singapore and a government-owned platform. It’s unique selling point is its ability to help you match your skills with a potential job. The platform does this with a complimentary career matching feature (https://www.wsg.gov.sg/career-services.html), connecting you to career coaches, workshops and networking events. You can also search for jobs on the portal through their filters which include keywords, minimum salary and employment type.

Another government job platform, National Council of Social Service’s job site that boasts jobs in the social service sector. This portal will allow you to explore a large range of jobs in different social service fields, allowing you to explore your interests. Some sectors include “Adults and Family”, “Children and Youth”, “Disability”, “Eldercare”, and “Mental Health”. You can search through their job opportunities based on profession types, sector, employment type, employer and location.

While Glassdoor does not cater specifically to seniors, it is a great all-in-one job portal for anyone looking for jobs. This is because glassdoor not only provides you with job opportunities, it also informs you of the company based on current and ex-employees’ reviews, reviews on the interview process, salary estimates, interview questions and so on.

LinkedIn is not only great for connecting with your colleagues, but it can also potentially link you to new colleagues as well! LinkedIn will also help you search for jobs that suit you based on your profile of past experiences and skills. Furthermore, if you buy Linkedin Premium (free one-month trial), you can find out whether a hiring manager viewed your profile and contact them directly via LinkedIn message. However, if you just want to search for a job without Premium, LinkedIn has options to filter by keywords and location.

All the best in your job search!