6 Beginner IT Courses to take in Singapore

With the world quickly leaning towards Information and Technology (IT) jobs, socialising and recreation, you may wonder what it takes to pick up some basic IT skills that can help you engage in IT conversations and jobs. Here are 6 Interesting beginner IT classes you can take in Singapore to get you started on your way to becoming an IT expert!

Augmented Reality (AR) is a type of technology that integrates digital images into the real world. It is used to enhance a user’s interaction with their environment. AR is used in a variety of areas including medical training, creation of mobile apps, classroom education and retail.

A beginner course will guide you through the fundamentals of this technology and the process of producing an AR application.

  • Ngee Ann Poly Short Course on AR This course will introduce you to the world of Augmented Reality interfaces. These interfaces enable new kinds of user experiences by superimposing digital content onto the user’s real-world view. You will learn about the differences between AR/VR, about the technical and design requirements for creating such user experiences, and how to prototype and develop your AR interfaces.

  • Skillsfuture AR Classes

Learning to code is essentially learning a language that tells computers how to act. Code can be used to build and design websites or build applications for your phone. Code is used everywhere in our daily lives.

There are multiple ways you can learn coding, whether it is online or joining a class. Many classes specialise in a specific coding language and will teach you the foundations of each language.

You can learn coding from these places :

The key to a smartphone is its ability to run apps. The functions of an app is limitless and learning how to develop an app can launch a second career for you. Integrating your business with an app can also help boost your reach.

Mobile app development requires knowledge of coding, specifically Java and Swift which is widely used for android apps and ios apps respectively.

Here are some places where you can learn mobile app development:

Data Analytics is the analysis of raw data to make inferences and draw conclusions of the information from the data in order to make decisions. Data analytics is being incorporated in many industries in order to make prudent business choices.

Learning such a skill can kick start a second career, learning data analytics can also train your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. There are also specialised data analytics courses you can explore such as healthcare analytics which is the analysis of healthcare data.

Check out these classes for data analytics:

Web design is the production and maintenance of the aesthetic layout and user interface of the website. This is different from web development that deals with the function and creation of the website. Web design encompasses many skills like graphic design, user-experience design etc.

Learning web design requires an understanding of HTML and CSS. a good design will impact how your user perceives the website. Web Design is a fun way to incorporate your creative side into technology.

To learn more about Web Design, check these places out:

  • Treehouse (online) In this track, you’ll learn how to design and build beautiful websites by learning the basic principles of design like branding, colour theory, and typography which are all instrumental in the design process of a website. You’ll also learn HTML and CSS, which are the common code languages that all modern websites are built on. These are useful skills to acquire as they are needed by nearly every single business in the world to communicate to customers. By the end of this track, you’ll have all the skills required to design and build your own websites or even start a career with one of the thousands of companies that have a website.

  • Equinet Academy

Information Technology (IT) has advanced to more than just basic computer functions. IT includes a knowledge of the Internet of Things (network of physical objects that are embedded with software so that these objects can communicate and share data) cloud-based sharing, databases and cybersecurity to name a few.

If you are interested in basic IT and its current landscape, here are some courses to check out:

  • Udemy (online) This course will help you learn to understand the IT landscape, know how software is built up, have a basic understanding of what code looks like, understand the software development process and know what roles are common in the software development field.

  • Nanyang Polytechnic This module covers 3 main cloud computing models namely SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. The module will allow the participants to have a hand-on experience with practical applications in SaaS.