Chinese New Year Recipes You Can Make with the Family

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Trying to cut down on spending on Chinese New Year goodies? Or are you looking to start your baking and cooking dreams? Here are our top 3 picks for simple and creative dishes and snacks that you can whip up on your own.

Spring rolls (春卷) are a symbol of wealth and prosperity and are popular in Chinese cuisine. From simpler steamed versions to the deep-fried ones, spring rolls are a well-loved treat and are sure to be a popular item at your family gathering. Golden, crispy, and delicious, The Woks of Life shows a simple recipe for homemade spring rolls.

You love it, I love it, everyone loves it: Bakkwa, or 肉干, is a must-have for Chinese New Year. The sweet, roasted meat is also given as a gift during Chinese New Year and is an extremely versatile ingredient: you can eat it with bread, pan-fried, or simply on its own! If you’re looking for something different, Noob Cook has a recipe for Bakkwa Fried Rice, a scrumptious sweet and savoury combination that only takes you 20 minutes to cook up.

Truly nothing can beat a delicious pandan, gula Melaka and coconut combination. But these onde onde are nothing like the ones you are familiar with; these are onde onde in disguise. Much like Bakkwa, nian gao can be eaten in a variety of ways. Noob Cook’s yummy, gooey sweet nian gao coated with grated coconut is a simple recipe for those who want to try something new.

Here are some honorable mentions!

Happy Lunar New Year!

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