Part-Time Jobs for Retirees

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

A part-time job during retirement is a great way to spend your time meaningfully, while at the same time also earning some income. In fact, many older Singaporeans like the flexibility that a part-time job can offer. If you find yourself missing the structure of work, here are some part-time jobs you can consider taking up in your retirement.

If you are interested in theatre, sports, music or other types of entertainment, consider becoming an usher or event assistant. The job scope of an usher/event assistant includes manning the front of house, showing guests their seats and any general assistance required at these events.

Most of the time you will be hired on a project basis and you will have the flexibility to choose what event you are interested to work at. If you are lucky, some jobs will allow you to experience the show or event while you’re working which is a great opportunity especially since ticket prices can get quite expensive.

After working for a large part of your life, you are bound to have a wealth specialised knowledge and experience in your industry. The training and skills you have acquired over time are important assets that companies can tap on. Many companies engage consultants on a project basis to give advice on various issues.

These jobs help keep your skills updated and are often lucrative. Furthermore, you may have the ability to work from home or at least some flexibility in determining your working hours.

With the growth of e-commerce, it is increasingly easy to start a small retail business. If you have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, retirement is a great time to start. You can simply set a shop on Carousell, Shopee or Qoo10 and you will be able to start selling your items. Starting out with an online store is also much cheaper than a physical store which can be helpful if you do not have experience in running a business

Business ideas are infinite. Starting a good business comes from knowing what is missing in the market and providing it. Providing something that people want is the first step to success. If you have the capital, franchising is also an option. Alternatively, if you have a hobby or skill, you can consider turning them into a business. Check out our article on various hobbies that can be turned into a business.

The main job scope of a tour guide is to show tourists around and share your knowledge and love of the history and culture of Singapore. It is an inspiring job that allows you to keep active. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about Singapore, the more you guide. Interacting with the tourists that come on your tour is also an opportunity to learn about different cultures.

Many tour guides offer their services through word of mouth or through tour guide websites where you can list your services. You are often able to set your own schedule, price and type of tour. A curated walking tour can go up to $300 for 4 hours.

All tour guides in Singapore must carry a license. To learn more about how to become a tour guide, check out our article here.

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