Planning to: Floral Arrangements

Updated: Mar 8

Think that floral arrangements are merely just about arranging flowers? Think again; it’s actually an entire art form on its own with many elements to consider. Things like the type of flowers used, colour harmonies, or even down to the shelf life of cut flowers, all affect the aesthetic and longevity of the final product. Indeed, it is not something that can simply be mastered overnight!

Yet, it can be a therapeutic and calming skill to learn. It is also the perfect bonding activity for you and your friends, or even with new people you meet in classes. (Bonus tip: once you’ve learned the art of floral arrangement, you can save on those pricey flower bouquets by buying them at wholesale price at places like Ji Mei Flower or Far East Flora, and then arranging them yourself!)

Whether you want to learn it by yourself at home or go to a class to learn it with the pros, there will always be something for you. Check out this video for a quick run-through of how to fix up a bouquet with grocery store flowers, or this link for 7 floral arrangements ideas to easily beautify your home.

However, to get the full experience and enjoy the fun of learning with other beginners, we would highly encourage you to go to a class and learn alongside a trained professional!

Fleuriste, Lifeskills Academy and Coursemology offer SkillsFuture claimable classes, and

Community Centres offer classes from as low as $18.

Do also check out National Silver Academy (NSA)’s website that is updated from time to time of NSA-subsidised floral arrangement classes, such as this floral arrangement class by PPIS being offered from now till March.

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