Planning to: Travelling in Retirement

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Travel is one of the top things people plan to do during retirement. Travelling is a great way to relax, meet new people and learn new things. However, travelling is often expensive and unfortunately, as age catches up, health and mobility can become an issue. Here are some tips to have a better vacation during retirement.

A closer destination is often cheaper and with a shorter journey so you get to spend more time exploring the country. You will be able to reach most South-East Asian countries like Vietnam, Myanmar or Indonesia within 4 hours as compared to further places like the United States or Europe which can be more than 10 hours away. While you may have already visited most of the popular destinations in South-East Asia such as Bangkok, Bali or Ho Chi Minh, South-East Asia is full of undiscovered gems that you can still visit for a relaxing time.

Instead of visiting Ha Long Bay, explore the Phong Nha national park in central Vietnam, home to one of the biggest caves in the world. For a beach vacation, there are many smaller islands in Indonesia outside the main islands that you can explore. Alor, Lombok and Raja Ampat are some options.

Many travel destinations have discounts for seniors. These discounts can be as high as 20% off entrance tickets. Seniors discounts also come in the form of flight and accommodation booking. For example, PAssion Silver Cardholders who are also Kris Flyer members get to fly from Singapore Airlines at a discounted price. Marriott Hotel also has discounts for those who are 62 and older.

Unfortunately, once you reach a certain age, you are more at risk of injury and poorer health. Older people are at greater risk of forming blood clots in veins (known as deep vein thrombosis) during long haul flights. They also have slower immune systems. In some countries, medical costs can get very high. For example, in the United States, a visit to the emergency room can cost up to $3000. Hence, get travel insurance to protect yourself in case of any emergencies or accidents.

Cruises allow you to hit multiple locations while travelling in relative comfort. Many cruises nowadays are also outfitted with a variety of amenities, on-board entertainment and facilities that provide for a relaxing and enjoyable journey. There are also many options of cruises from river cruises to ocean cruises around the world so you will not be limited by certain regions. In fact, if you are willing to splurge, there is a 180-day cruise that allows you to visit 44 countries over 5 continents.

Now that you are no longer limited by your work schedule, plan your travel during off-seasons. Different countries have off seasons at different times so research before deciding on a location. The biggest perk of off-season travel is that there will not be as many tourists crowding the places you want to visit. Furthermore, more often than not, prices will be reduced to attract more customers.

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