Tech Skills for Your Career

Technology is increasingly evolving, advancing and trying to keep up with the digital work can feel like an overwhelming task. However, technology is unavoidable, and embracing technology can help make your life easier in many ways. It is also a necessary skill for many workplaces and for those who are looking to start a second career, it is a valuable skill to possess. Here are some skills that you should develop to become digital-ready.

This is the most basic of tech skills that are required in most office jobs today. The main tools of Microsoft Office consist of Word, Powerpoint, Outlook and Excel.

Here are the uses of these tools:

  • Microsoft Word: This helps you create documents such as reports, letters, notes etc.

  • Microsoft Powerpoint: This is a presentation tool that allows you to make slides for presentations in meetings.

  • Microsoft Outlook: This is an email processing tool that allows you to send, receive and organise your emails.

  • Microsoft Excel: This is a spreadsheet tool that helps you organise, calculate and format data.

  • Many businesses make use of at least one of these tools. Thus learning these 4 basic tools can be a great help if you are intending to apply for an office job.

To learn more about Microsoft Office, sign up for the various courses under SkillFuture. NTUC Learning Hub also has advanced classes for Microsoft Excel which you can check out.

Learning about social media is more than having an account on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Digital marketing through social media is a growing industry and knowing how to market a product, build a brand or recruit talent on social media is welcome in any industry.

Social media skills include knowing the various features of the social media platforms and how they can work to your advantage. It also includes understanding social commerce and how to create content for digital advertising. This means that you have to be savvy on the various types of digital content like videos, graphics and other multimedia.

To learn about two of the biggest social media platforms - Instagram and Facebook, you can sign up for the free Facebook Blueprint course which will teach you about the platforms and how to advertise on it. There are also social media marketing courses that teach you how to create digital campaigns for businesses.

For a computer to do something you want it to do, you have to provide the computer instructions on what to do. You provide the computer instructions by writing a code. A code is basically a set of instructions that your computer can understand and will execute. Programming languages such as Python or Swift allows you to write code that the computer understands so that you will be able to create software, applications or websites.

Programming can help you automate tasks to become more efficient. Report writing, budgeting and other repetitive tasks can be automated with programming. The ability to develop websites is also a highly sought after skill in various industries and it can be a valuable skill to jump start a second career.

Because learning to code is fundamentally about learning how to write instructions, there are a variety of coding workshops that teach you to write code for specific objectives. These include creating an app, building a bot or website development. There are also general programming classes that teach the basics of coding.

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