Volunteer Opportunities to Help Children in Need

Updated: Jan 26

Volunteering for children is an extremely rewarding way to give back to society. Children are more vulnerable members of society and most cannot easily help themselves. If you have experience working with children and are looking for a cause to volunteer for or are simply passionate for the cause, here are some volunteering roles that you can consider.

This is best suited for those with some knowledge of the current primary and secondary school curricular. More than just understanding concepts, tutoring can help children gain confidence in their learning. Supervising their homework also ensures the progress of their studies.

Reading helps improve language abilities and is a tool to widen vocabulary. When books are read aloud, they help with the learning of pronunciation and helps the child gain confidence in speaking. Reading aloud can also inculcate a love of reading for the child. Reading programs supported by volunteers can also provide a community where the children can interact with one another and socialise.

There are different types of skills which you can share with a child through volunteering. Life skills like cooking or cleaning are important in helping a child become more independent. Sharing hobbies like crafting or sports allows children to discover their talents and passions.

The role of a befriender is to support the child in a way that helps with their development. Many of these children need a listening ear as they might not have such a figure in their lives. Befriending gives them a role model to look up towards especially for children who are displaying risky behaviour. Befriending also helps build soft skills like communication and social skills within children. Befriending requires time commitment as you will need to establish a connection with the child before you can have any positive impact in their lives.

If you have professional experience in counselling, social work or therapy, you can also volunteer these skills to help empower children in need. Many organisations in Singapore provide counselling services for children to provide emotional and social support for them. Counselling session can be done online or offline based on the organisations you sign up with.

Do note that many organisations for children in Singapore require an interview and training before you can start volunteering. This is to ensure that the volunteer are suitable and are able to properly conduct themselves.

There are multiple organisations catered to children that you can volunteer at. Here are some to get you started: