Volunteer Opportunities to Help Rescue Animals

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Many animal shelters and animal welfare organisations are led by volunteers. If you are an animal lover but are unable to have a pet at home, becoming a volunteer is a way for you to interact with animals. You will be part of the efforts to rehabilitate the animal and making a difference in their lives. Animals who are abandoned are often unable to fend for themselves. When animal shelters rescue these animals, they would require more manpower in order to house more animals. Thus there is a constant need for volunteers to help out in daily operations. Here are some roles that you can consider.

Animal Shelters and Organisations require funds to feed and house animals. Stray animals are also more prone to injury and sickness. Thus these organisations also need to pay for the vet if the animals require medical attention. Sterilisation of each animal is also a cost that shelters have to bear. These costs add up. Thus, fundraising is key to sustaining the shelter due to their high expenses.

More than giving a donation, your fundraising volunteering efforts can include designing merchandise for the organisation to sell or helping out in a fundraising drive.

In Singapore, the amount of rescue dogs exceeds the number of adopters for rescue pets and resources animal welfare groups have. By volunteering to foster a rescue pet, you are providing these pets with a home and increasing their chances to be adopted.

Fostering requires you to take up all basic care responsibilities like feeding, cleaning, monitoring the pet's health. If you are fostering a dog, this also includes daily walks and training. It is a long time commitment and will require the consent of other members of your household.

Animal shelters and organisations regularly hold fundraising events, adoption drives as well as educational events like shelter tours for the public. These events are held to raise awareness of the organisation and their rescues with the ultimate aim of increasing the number of rescue animals being re-homed and raising funds to sustain the organisation.

Event management includes planning for the event as well as the related logistics, operational aspects of events. You can also volunteer to design event collateral or help out at event booths on an ad-hoc basis as a handler.

Animal care includes washing the animals, upkeep of the dormitories that the rescue animals are housed in, walking the animals, training animals and other maintenance chores. These jobs require manual labour and are necessary for the shelter to operate efficiently. Animal care requires patience as these rescue pets might be nervous around strangers. However, this is a very rewarding role that allows you to directly interact with the animals.

Animal organisations often need people to drive animals to vet appointments or events. Other logistical needs include the transport of food to foster homes. If you have a car and are willing to drive the animals, this role might be for you.

There are multiple animal welfare organisations in Singapore. Some are catered specifically to dogs, cats while others have multiple animals with them. Get connected with any of these organisations to start your volunteering journey with rescue pets:

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